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Can I make an recurring monthly donation?

Yes.  We welcome ongoing support from our Peer Village supports-

click the monthly option on the Donate page.


Are you a registered non-profit?

Yes, we are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit company registered in New York.  ​

EIN Number: 463603913.


Is there a language barrier?

Yes, but translators will be in place for students who have little or no English skills.  

City Cottage will also use simple software tools to translate text instantly during collaboration.

English is widely spoken in Malawi and the younger generation are increasingly communicating in

English, especially with the rise of technology access.


How will my donation be used?  

There are four main costs with the project:

  1. The construction of the main City Cottage center;

  2. A minibus to bring Malawi students to the center;

  3. Operating costs for running center and online;

  4. Covering the training and salary for Malawi staff.


Can we visit City Cottage?

Yes, we are building a small accommodation space on site for visitors, especially students who have collaborated with Malawi partners.

Can any school sign up?

We welcome all schools to contact City Cottage to explore the best fit for your students and the students in Malawi.  We welcome new topic ideas and the spirit of the center is to constantly evolve in step with a changing world.

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