At the heart of Peer Village are students from every walk of life. We help those walks meet in the middle. 

Young global villagers are connecting and collaborating for the first time, thanks to the online revolution.  Children thousands of miles apart, even separated by oceans, now unite, compete, or create together thanks to laptops, cell phones and increasingly affordable connectivity.


While the ‘digital divide’ is real, the emerging global village is a growing marketplace of ideas increasingly shared by more countries.  As educators, we grapple with how best to harness the potential of these new technologies and the possibilities international collaborations can unlock.



To revolutionize our classrooms by forging

real-time international collaborations, exposing young global villagers to

fresh perspectives that

inspire new insights.

If the heart of Peer Village are the students, the mind is international co-teachers working together in real time.

By building centers in the developing world, we create a platform for the millions of fellow peer villagers without access to electricity and the internet.  When teachers combine through the Peer Village platform, they are able to work through lesson plans simultaneously, and explore climate change, China and cryptocurrencies from different perspectives.


Peer Village exists to unlock the untapped potential of those still waiting to connect to the global village.  By bridging this gap with our customized centers, teachers can help guide students to use these shared perspectives to gain crucial insights so vital for solving this century’s global-scale challenges.


Our mission at Peer Village is to bring different perspectives together, so students strengthen their judgment through gaining insight.

With teachers united by Peer Village, students can harness the power of peer-to-peer and burst their bubbles. 

We all hoped for so much when the internet emerged at the end of the 20th century, not least the optimism for a global village grounded in increased wisdom and understanding, an antidote to conflict.  As teachers, we understand we don’t educate in a vacuum.  We must prepare our children for the realities of an often increasingly polarized world.  


We can go online and not just find our niche, but, dangerously, reinforce our existing positions and block out or ridicule an opposing view.  Without insight from others that think differently, our students cannot move beyond their bubbles, both real and virtual.  Our mission at Peer Village is to bring

different perspectives together, so students strengthen their judgment through gaining insight.

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